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From Military Photographer to Street Photographer: Interview with Gary Tyson from Hong Kong

Last year when I taught my street photography workshop in Hong Kong, I finally had the chance to meet Gary Tyson in person (and teach alongside him). Gary is a very thoughtful and down-to-earth guy who shows great compassion for the subjects that he shoots. He had a beginning in military photography, and now founded his own company F8 Photography in which he shoots assignments, teaches workshops, and also does video work.

In his free time he loves to travel all across Asia, and his true passion is street photography. If you want to find out more about Gary and his work, read on!

Video Interview with Gary Tyson from F8 Photography in Hong Kong

Eric Kim interview in Hong Kong from F8 Photography Ltd.

While I was teaching my street photography workshop with Gary Tyson from F8 Photography in Hong Kong, I had the huge pleasure of being interviewed as well. In this video I talk a bit of my reflections on the workshop, as well as general questions about my approach and thoughts on street photography in general. Great production by Gary and the rest of his team!

F8 Photography runs workshops and training in Hong Kong and Cambodia for photography enthusiasts, more information can be seen at the website, or on the blog at

Any other questions you got about shooting street photography in Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world? Leave me your questions in the comments below! 

Streettogs Gallery Feature: “The Old of Hong Kong” by Gary Tyson

Eric’s Note: Streettogs Gallery is an on-going feature and intiative by Manila-based street photographer A.G. De Mesa. Check out more info here.

A.G.: Gary Tyson is a great commercial photographer and has been in different locations around the globe. He is also the co-insturctor in Eric’s previously concluded street photography workshop in Hong Kong so I was really delighted whe he sent in a link of a collection of his street photographs.

What I usually do when a collection is sent instead of a series is I try  edit properly to show things in common. It could be aesthetic similarities, strong themes, or repeating subjects. So I pointed out to Gary a subject that continually pops up in his street shots: