ag de mesa

Introducing the Streettogs Gallery – Open for Submissions!

Eric’s Note: I am pleased to announce the great concept of the “Streettogs Gallery” — a concept by A.g. De Mesa, a passionate street photographer from Manila in the Philippines.  Hopefully his idea can help bring more great photo series, documentary series, and photo essays! 

So what is this about?

A.g.: Stemming from Eric’s piece on making a series, Streettogs Gallery is a column appearing every Wednesday wherein I will showcase street photography based photo series, documentary projects, and photography essays together with my  thoughts on the stories and the artist which could hopefully contribute to the aesthetic and knowledge of you, the readers.

I also hope to encourage a healthy discussion and show our opinions about the work presented and to judge it not whether if it is good or bad technically (an area in which Ollie’s CritiqueMe series is all about) but  rather if it contributes to the art form that is street photography and to push it further.

Read more to see how you can get your work featured here!