Introducing the Streettogs Gallery – Open for Submissions!

Eric’s Note: I am pleased to announce the great concept of the “Streettogs Gallery” — a concept by A.g. De Mesa, a passionate street photographer from Manila in the Philippines.  Hopefully his idea can help bring more great photo series, documentary series, and photo essays! 

So what is this about?

A.g.: Stemming from Eric’s piece on making a series, Streettogs Gallery is a column appearing every Wednesday wherein I will showcase street photography based photo series, documentary projects, and photography essays together with my  thoughts on the stories and the artist which could hopefully contribute to the aesthetic and knowledge of you, the readers.

I also hope to encourage a healthy discussion and show our opinions about the work presented and to judge it not whether if it is good or bad technically (an area in which Ollie’s CritiqueMe series is all about) but  rather if it contributes to the art form that is street photography and to push it further.

Read more to see how you can get your work featured here!

What do we expect to see?

Medium Format Environmental Street Portraits by Ade Ogunsanya (Street Portraitist) from Tokyo

It can be quirky, moving, intimate, personal, reflective, or humorous. It can literally be anything and could be taken anywhere.  If you think it can start a discussion, pique interest, or something you really want to show, as long as it is street based send it in. But hey, if there is a work out there that challenges the notion of street photography and it’s boundaries, by all means send it to me and let us discuss it.

Let Eric’s tips on his “How to Start Your Own Street Photography Project” guide you if you are not sure how to go about doing your own project.

From time to time, if  I encounter a great work online that I think should be seen by everyone, I’ll try to personally contact the photographer to have his work featured here.

I want to show my work, What should I do?

“Suburbia” – Capturing the Colorful Layers of Mumbai, India by Manu Thomas

Send me where I can view your photo projects to with the subject title “Streettogs Gallery”. The mail should contain at least the title of your project, your artist statement, website/portfolio, blog, and other social network stuff. Again, no need to send me images, just a place where I can view your works (a link to the slideshow or portfolio would suffice)

Also send any other pertinent information you want (a short bio, gear used, links to your kickstarter or project, your photo zine, an upcoming exhibition etc.).  If your work will be featured, I will inform you of you through email.

If you have a work in progress (say around 70-80% done) feel free to send it in as well. Maybe the #streettogs community can help you with feedback to see if your project is going to the direction you want or to tease us with something that will become bigger like a self published book or something that will be exhibited.

Also, if you find something online, feel free to link it to me via my twitter.

Of course you will retain all copyright and be guaranteed that the photos you submit will only be used for the purpose of the column and nothing else.

Reflections About the Street Photography Now Project by Sara T’Rula

About Me:

Shooting the streets of Chicago

I’m A.g. De Mesa and I have been practicing photography for about 5 years now. I started with street photography but I am now starting to learn documentary photography focusing on human interests and places. I am currently working on 2 projects which would hopefully be finished in a few months. I graduated AB Humanities w/ a professional certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications in University of Asia and the Pacific here in the Philippines. I read and look at a lot of street, documentary photography, and journalism work offline and online especially when it comes to criticism, theory, and art form.

A photography fanboy in short :D

I can be found blogging on tumblr and posting stuff on 500px and flickr while talking to awesome #streettogs on twitter.

During my first Black and white group exhibit. Photo courtesy of Lorenze Visco

What do you think of the idea and what suggestions do you have? Please feel free to share them with us in the comments below! 

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