“Why I Love Street Photography” by Alex Coghe

Eric’s Note: This guest blog post is by Alex Coghe, a passionate street photographer from Mexico City. I had the great pleasure of meeting Alex in Los Angeles for the ThinkTank Gallery “YOU ARE HERE” street photography event sponsored by Leica. See this post why he loves street photography, and see how it echoes with you too! 

Alex: Street Photography for me is all about the photography. There are so many genres of art, but street photography is the most powerful to me.

Street photography is one of the biggest passions in my life. My mind is always on street photography. I spend a large amount of time either shooting on the streets, blogging about street photography, networking with street photography, and thinking about street photography.

Street Photography has changed my life: because it’s an attitude, a mindset, a way of seeing the world. Street Photography has changed my life because now I’m working with photography.

I’m giving street photography workshops for italians, via skype, and here in Mexico City.

In Mexico City I want to open a street photography school in 2012. It will be a school but also a cultural center, an exhibition space, a real headquarters of street photography.

Shooting in the streets is thinking different. Shooting the streets is like a lottery,you can’t know the result never before.You can’t control the light, you can’t plan a shot, you never know how a scene can change within a second. And the search for the decisive moment is a challenge with yourself.

Street Photography is in some sense as a solitary sport: the only players are you and the camera, but at the same time you must be in close contact with people.

People are the essential element in street photography. You must love people, you can not think of staying distant to take pictures, and naturally I’m not only talking about physical distance.

Street Photography is also therapeutic.I relax myself when I shoot the street, and so many times is euphoria the emotional condition pervading me.

I enjoy interacting with people, many times I stop to talk with people. Some photographers or people who see me in action ask me if I’m not afraid to get close to people so much to take a picture of them.

I always answer that I am conscious of not doing anything wrong, and a positive attitude helps a lot in this job.

Because this is reflected on my body language, and in my being in harmony in the streets with the people.

More photos by Alex

Alex Coghe

Alex Coghe

Alex Coghe

Alex Coghe

Alex Coghe

Alex Coghe

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31 thoughts on ““Why I Love Street Photography” by Alex Coghe”

  1. Just getting into street photography myself. Love seeing posts like this, really motivates me to go out and shoot.

  2. I think it’s funny that there is a young woman/girl on every picture shown here… No wonder Alex keeps chimping at his display after most shots in the video showing him work. ;)

    I like your pictures Alex!

    Nice interview Eric!

    1. This is not an interview…the interview will comes after. I chimp (sigh) in this video not to control the shots: I also keep the preview disabled. And in my workshops do not recommend chimp…but i was working to Reality Remade project and to obtain a particular effect with flash and camera I was changing often coupled ISO/Aperture.

  3. I’ve been lucky to shoot shoulder to shoulder with Alex on the street and learned a lot in the process while gaining confidence.

  4. I dont get it… So you flash at a person walking towards you, sometimes looking at the viewfinder to compose, usually not.. I dont see the “street” in this, if anything, they are straight up portraits…
    After watching the video, you could have stepped back and looked around, probably caught some better scenes of the street.. I saw some opportunities in there.

    Just saying, but then again, what do I know….

    1. Dear Me (uhm…oh oh) well, it would be nice to know you better, like a portfolio or anithing of your work, because your comment is not supported by something that make us understand what kind of photographer you are. Do you seen opportunities? Congratulations! Well, you don’t see the street, it is a problem of you. Not mine and not for other street photographers. Street Photography is various, man.
      I thank for your comment, but i don’t agree with you. Bye!

      1. Im not sure why the kind of photographer I am or my portfolio would matter, I didnt say I had a better portfolio than you, or worse, just making a comment about what I thought about the video…
        I dont see the street……
        Thats exactly why I made my comment, It seems like you only saw individual people, not the “street”..

        but then again, what do I know….
        Thank you

        1. My referement to see your work is to have an idea about who makes the critical. To give due weight to your specific dissected. You don’t see the street, others yes. I would represent also the observation, fundamental in street photography and very often forgot. But some have criticized as well as for many parts of the video you can’t see me shoot. You are free to think whatever you want, like everyone else. My portfolio will talks to me. I have no problem. But i put the fullname and my portfolio (links). You, no.

          1. I still dont think my work matters in my being critical, only if my work were good would my opinion matter…? but then you would have an opinion of my work, and it would not matter to me, then we would be in a never ending loop….
            I dont have any work to show you, I dont post photos on the internet, but maybe next time I go to DF, I go every year to visit friends, Ill bring some prints you can see, Ill buy you a beer…

            Meno Arizaleta

  5. Any time we can see a different street photographer in action, the better. Here what caught my eye was how selective Alex was. If had been in streets that crowded, I would have fired many, many more shots. Would I have ended up with more keepers? Probably not. It is good to see different styles and approaches. This was along the lines of the Bruce Gilden handheld flash approach, but less intrusive, it seemed to me. And again, I think Bruce also would have been firing lots more shots – at least vids of him in NY suggest that.

    1. Thank you Dacoit…i am really selective and i am happy that the video shows this. Even with the flash can not think of shoot continuously…i think observation is one of the key point of the photography. I am agree with you: is always a good thing to see the differences between a photographer and another.

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