Photography Entrepreneurship 101 Workshop: Monetize Your Passion, Build a Loyal Following, Stand Out (San Francisco, September 22-23, 2018)

Photography Entrepreneurship 101 Workshop- San Francisco

Photography Entrepreneurship 101 Workshop- San Francisco

Dear friend,

If you’ve ever wanted to monetize your passion in photography, build a loyal following, and stand out as a photographer, I cordially invite you to my new Photography Entrepreneurship 101 Workshop in San Francisco (Sept 22-23, 2018).

Make Your Dreams Come True

If you’ve ever dreamed of making a full-time living from your passion in photography (or making side-income from your photography), this workshop is for you. In this engaging, motivational, and informative workshop, you will learn:

  1. How to avoid the myths of entrepreneurship to succeed
  2. The secrets of standing out as a photographer in today’s over-saturated world
  3. Creating a profitable business: Increasing your income and decreasing your expenses
  4. Build a powerful entrepreneurial mindset: How to conquer fear, self-doubt, and hesitation
  5. Harnessing content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to Become #1 on Google
  6. Your Labor is Not Free: When to work for free, and why you must charge premium prices for your services
  7. Become more influential by discovering what makes you meaningfully different

Philosophical and Practical

Entrepreneurship is a skill which can be cultivated in order for you to succeed and achieve your dreams in life.

In this hands-on workshop, not only will you learn the practical tools, strategies, and tactics to succeed as a modern photographer and entrepreneur, you will also learn the philosophical framework to stay motivated, inspired, and productive.

No Nay-Sayers Allowed

What makes this workshop unique is that it will be your unique opportunity to share your big dreams, ambitions, and ideas in photography. During the workshop, you will have the chance to pitch your idea, and receive honest and real feedback in order to best realize your photographic ambitions.

If you’ve ever had dreams to monetize your passion for photography, yet had friends, family, or other people “nay-say” or tell you reasons why you will fail, this part of the workshop will give you the unique opportunity to receive constructive feedback to succeed.

Workshop Format

The workshop is going to be an intense 2-days, giving you the practical tools to build an entrepreneurial mindset, and the best entrepreneurial principles for photographers to succeed. There will also be ample time for you to share your photography business and startup ideas, and receive constructive suggestions how to achieve your dreams.

On Saturday, I will share with you how I was able to conquer my fears to start my photography business, how I was able to successfully monetize my passion, and stand out. Then I will share with you practical tips, techniques, and tools for you to become a successful photography entrepreneur.

On Sunday, you will have the opportunity to pitch your photography ideas to the group, and receive honest feedback and ideas how you can achieve your dreams.

Achieve Your Personal Maximum


After attending this workshop, you will gain:

  1. Increased confidence in yourself
  2. Increased motivation for you to achieve your photographic dreams
  3. Increased information, strategies, and tools to stand out as a modern photographer
  4. Profitable ideas for you to successfully monetize your passion
  5. Access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to see you succeed.
  6. Increased willpower to hustle hard and be massively productive
  7. A blueprint and concrete business plan for you to start building your own empire

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Eric Kim portrait by Cindy Hanoi

I’m so confident that after attending this workshop that you will gain increased confidence, motivation, and the ideas to succeed as a photographer entrepreneur that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Consider the workshop as a priceless investment in yourself. If the ideas, knowledge, tactics, and strategies in the workshop help you successfully monetize your passion for photography, your initial investment in the workshop will pay back massive dividends in yourself.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and achieve your personal maximum? What do you have to lose? You only have everything to gain.

Excited to have you,


Workshop Logistics & Investment

  • Date: September 15-16th, 2018 (Saturday/Sunday)
  • Time: 10am-5pm (both days)
  • Tuition: 1500 USD (early-bird price of 990 USD before August 22, 2018)
  • Workshop cap: 12 passionate entrepreneurs
  • Location: Workshop Cafe (180 Montgomery Street, San Francisco)
  • Contact:

Make the Best Investment: In Yourself

Photography Entrepreneurship 101 Workshop- San Francisco

If you desire to turn your passion for photography into a profitable business, don’t miss your opportunity to attend this life-changing workshop. If you have any questions for the workshop, or want to claim your returning-student discount, please email my manager Neil at

To secure your spot for the workshop, please submit your full tuition with the Paypal button below. Once you submit your payment, your spot is guaranteed for the workshop.

Tuition: 1500 USD (special early-bird price of 990 USD before August 22nd, 2018)