No Photos, No Life.

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Why photography? It is the great affirmation of (new) life. I myself wouldn’t desire a life and existence without photography.

Good Fear, Bad Fear

Good fear bad fear

Good fear: fear which keeps you alive. For example my fear of dying if texting while driving, or walking on the street while texting.

Bad fear: fear of social chastisement which prevents me from pursuing my artistic and creative passions in life.

Good fears are mostly physiological; fear of a potentially early death, or permanent disfigurement (Nassim Taleb). Bad fears as mostly pertaining to how you live your life— your lifestyle choices, your artistic modes of self expression, etc.

Creative Cross-Pollination

The basic idea:

Your best creative ideas will come *INDIRECTLY* to you.

Your creative ideas are best when you are creatively ‘promiscuous’ — you disregard borders, boundaries, and genres. You draw creative nectar and honey from *any* creative source which inspires and turns you on!

The Desire to Procreate

If we think about humanity, there is an innate instinct for us to procreate. The natural sexual drive of both men and women in order to create children. Certainly without the will to procreate, humanity would have died off a long time ago.

Then what makes me think:

How can we channel this desire to procreate in a positive and productive way? To channel this desire into our arts creation and to not demonize this innate powerful drive we have within ourselves?

To not demonize the sexual drive, but trying to figure out how we can harness this physiological power to our advantage?

Is our desire as artists to procreate art works rooted from the sexual desire to procreate children and new life?

Motivation Killers

If we extrapolate this “via negativa” concept to productivity and motivation the question to ponder:

What kills our motivation? And what “un-inspires” us?

Anti Role Models

Anti role model

Perhaps this notion of having “positive role models” is not useful. Why?

We often put the personalities, characteristics, and pursuits of certain individuals as *above* us. For example, we all want to become more like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc. However … is this truly something to be desired? Instead of seeking to become someone else, or to emulate the personality character traits of others, better instead to look at yourself, your own innate personality traits and to see your own self and your own personality as king.

Then when it comes to other humans, instead of seeking “positive role models” to emulate, better instead to consider all of the bad role models who you *don’t* want to become. For example myself, I don’t want to become like my dad, so I just do everything *opposite* of what he did. Thus I have a very good blueprint in terms of becoming a good future father —

Study, and analyze your “anti role models”— and use their negative traits as a positive learning experience.

Once again — just “go opposite” of negative folks and their character traits and actions, and you will be golden.

Photography and Art as the Infinite Road

We must play for the long game. This means:

Focus on your photography, artwork, artistic production for life.

The infinite road — photography as your passion that will burn on forever. And how do you stay motivated and perpetually inspired in your photography? To continually discover new sources of visual or artistic inspiration from other sources, from within yourself, and from life itself.

Take Your Passion Seriously

We all have different passions. But why is it that we don’t don’t allow ourselves to take our (non-money making passions) seriously? In fact I’d say it is better to start taking your work and employment less seriously, and taking your creative passion *more* seriously.

Movement and Economy

A thought while looking out of my front window and seeing an Amazon delivery truck:

The reason why Amazon so successful is that it has made the movement of goods far more effective and efficient. 

Which makes me think:

The more you can move products, people, things and ideas … the better!

What you *really* believe in and care for is manifested through your actions (or non-actions)

Or why you don’t need to “force” yourself to do anything contrary to your nature. And also —

Not all action is good.

You also often exhibit your true beliefs and true preferences based on what you decide *not* to do, what you decide *not* to participate in, or what silly games you decide *not* to play. “Via negativa” beliefs.

Maximal Movement

What is the best car? The call which motivates and allows you for the maximal movement — to drive more, explore more and experience more. Preferably a small fuel efficient car (hybrid) or a small electric (high range) car. Ideally all wheel drive to allow for you to go on drives even when the weather is poor, rainy, snowy.

What is the best camera? The one which is the least cumbersome. The one which motivates and allows you to maximally explore and photograph with as little hesitation as possible.

Also with exercise — perhaps the best exercises are the ones which allow for the most fun and dynamic movements?

The best music — the music which motivates you the most to move!

To have done it even once is enough

Towards a “one rep max” attempt in life. Or thinking about “proof of concept” living —

Using your life to experiment with things which interest you, and the joy of the scientist to have proved even one small thing as true!

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