7 Reasons Not to Attend an Eric Kim Workshop

Hanoi to Sapa Workshop 2017 Group Selfie

Dear friend,

I want to give you reasons why you should (and more important, should not attend a workshop by me):

1. Do you love to learn?

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First of all, if you are not interested in learning, please don’t attend the workshop. I like to cultivate a spirit of like-minded communal learning in the workshop. I personally learn a lot from the students from my workshops, and they learn from me, and they also learn from one another.

2. You already know all the information

Secondly, don’t expect to attend the workshop and to learn new information you don’t already know. All of the information you need to know about photography is already available for free on my blog, through my articles, my books, and my YouTube videos. Therefore, please do not attend, thinking you will gain some hidden wisdom that I have not (already) shared.

3. Do you like meeting other passionate photographers?

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Photo by Jill Maguire

Thirdly, do not attend the workshop if you don’t like meeting other photographers. I love teaching these workshops, because it gives me the opportunity to connect other like-minded photographers. I think the workshop is really more about building connections with others; and making a community— not just making photos.

4. Experiences over GAS (gear acquisition syndrome)

Fourthly, do not attend the workshop if you want to talk about cameras and gear. Don’t get me wrong, I love toys as much as the next guy — but the workshop is more focused on learning, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, and about having an unforgettable experience— that combines food, coffee, and learning bout photography.

5. The workshop is a substantial financial investment

Fifthly, don’t attend the workshop if your economic means are currently tight. I don’t want you to invest in the workshop if you’re financially struggling, or if you’re going to go into debt attending the workshop. Please have a comfortable financial cushion before attending— because the workshop is not cheap.

6. Do you want to be pushed outside of your comfort zone?

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Sixth, please don’t attend the workshop if you don’t want to be pushed outside of your comfort zone. My teaching style is very hands-on. I will give you custom, bespoke, instructions in terms of what I think I can do in terms of pushing you outside of your comfort zone— in order for you to fulfill your personal maximum.

There are no egos in the workshop. My purpose as a teacher isn’t to make you a clone of me. Rather, my job is to help identify what makes your photographic vision special and unique— and for me to encourage your own artistic vision.

7. Do you have good vibes?

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Seventh, please do not attend if you got negative energy. I don’t think you do. But please, the workshop is all about positivity— good vibes, and having fun. This isn’t a workshop where I am going to beat you with a whip to become the world’s best photographer. No. I want the workshop a chance for you to have fun like a kid again, to learn something useful and empowering in your photography, and to have an unforgettable experience you will always remember.

Conclusion: Is the workshop for you?

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Know that I am not a perfect teacher. I will probably come a bit short of your personal expectations. But know, I hustle hard. And I give a good fuck about your workshop experience, and I will try my hardest to teach you everything that I have known — in a distilled format through the workshop.

The workshop will push you outside of your comfort zone, and it might be a bit scary. But trust me, the confidence you gain from the workshop will not only help your photography— but all aspects of your life. I have my gained confidence in street photography to thank for helping me build my own business, to pursuing the love of my life (Cindy), and for living without fear.

So really, the workshop is less about photography. It is about building confidence in life. It is about making new friends, enjoying lovely espressos, and having good beers and good laughs over dinner.

If the workshop doesn’t suit your personality, I recommend you not to attend. But if the workshop sounds like it fits your personality, I look forward to having you.


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