Die Doing What You Want to Do

San Diego, 2013

‘**When I shall die, let it be doing that I had designed**.’ — Ovid (‘Quum moriar, medium solvar et inter opus.’)

You never know when you will die — why risk the chance of dying when you’re doing something you don’t want to do?

We can die unexpectedly

Death (physical or mental) is unpredictable:

  • Someone dying from a car accident
  • People dying from terrorist attacks
  • People suddenly having a heart attack
  • People getting diagnosed with cancer
  • People getting dementia or Alzheimer’s (mental death)

Don’t wait until retirement to truly live

Why is it that we always put off what we really want to do in life? We all think that once we retire, or have “enough” money — we will finally have the stability, time, and energy to do what we really want to do.

Yet in reality, “enough” is never enough. Even billionaires complain that they don’t have enough money to pursue what they’re truly passionate about. And not only that, but often the richer you become, the more trapped you become. You have even less free time to pursue your creative leisure.

Don’t do what you don’t want to do

Nobody knows what they want to do in life. Many of us don’t know what our life’s purpose is.

Yet most of us know what we are not passionate about. Things we dread. Things that we don’t want to do in life.

What are some of these things you can remove from your life?

If you knew today were your last day on earth, what would you not do today?

Would you really stay up late doing work from the office, instead of playing with your kid?

Would you really spend more time answering emails, instead of reading, writing, or reflecting?

Would you spend your last day on earth “networking” with people you don’t really like, instead of going out and taking photos?

Would you read business books on how to make more money, instead of studying or reading something you are truly passionate about?

Don’t waste a single day

Live each day as if it were your last.

Die doing what you want to do. Because one day, you will.

Stay true to yourself,

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