Calvin and Hobbes

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Morals, ethics, Composition, Philosophy, and Human Psychology of Calvin and Hobbes

Beauty is relative

What does it mean to be “cool”?

Live life to the fullest

Life with danger and adventure, not stupefying safety:

Take risks, and live life on the edge!

Being clever!

On Money

Minimalist story telling

Also the ability for kids to be creative and innovative on their own!

On war and peace

On the futility of weapons:


Innovative creative storytelling

Inside the mind of a child. As adults we should think more creatively — like children !

Dynamic motion

Love the compositions

Arabesque / curve composition:



On freedom and liberty

Funny commentary on oppression and censorship, freedom and opportunity:

Why isn’t the world unfair in my favor?

We don’t mind that the world is unfair, but we want it to be unfair in our favor!

Dictatorship vs democracy

Simple happiness

The joy of doing “nothing” (sometimes the best way to spend your time is precisely to do nothing):

On being indignant on your own mistake

Or not admitting when you were wrong, or when you made a mistake. Or blaming others:

“Yes” vs “No”

Modify the rules so you can win!

Live life according to your own self-made rules!

Don’t add guilt

Quiet break in the dialogue and panning out (frame 3):

Physical versus literal attributes

We should describe people via their personality, not how they look!

Make things fun for kids to get them to do what you want

Play along:


Many Americans wanting more of the pie, for nothing?

Our expectations are always in comparison:

Deceptive advertising

Kids being mischievous is good!

Perhaps good for their creativity and ingenuity?

I did this too as a kid at age 2// my mom told me it was my first lie. I said, “Samchon (uncle) did it!”

Create a new category via fusion

The innovative ideas of children

How to take a bath, faster and more “efficiently”:

manipulate others with psychology

Turn boring things fun by making it into a game!

Women centric

Changing gender norms, in the 1980s!

Imperialism and colonialism

On the rat race

Disappointment from our fantasy and expectation and reality

Psychology, “affective forecasting”. We forecast how something we do will emotionally affect us…but we’re usually wrong! For example we think if we buy a new car, home, camera, phone, gadget, clothes, etc — it will bring us lasting joy; but it never does!