For example, we believe it to be virtuous to stay consistent to your own code of ethics. Perhaps this is overrated?

Anti Others

I don’t have time or care to judge others, analyze their motives and behaviors, etc.

Don’t have any business partners

If you have a business partner, sooner or later you’ll get screwed somewhere, or, resentment from how slow and ineffective they are.

Go solo.

Sole proprietor is the way.


I seek to become the most confident, self-confident person in the world, and then once I’ve reached that point, to keep augmenting it indefinitely?

Weight lifting at the gym, and hypelifting as essential and critical.

One cannot build self-confidence without physical strength.

Art Objects

Things like cars are art objects. When you look at them, we look at them as pieces of art.

However, the only true joy of the artist is to create, fashion, and create or modify the thing itself, instead of just purchasing an already beautiful object.

Also, I consider my own body as an art object. And the only joy I have is because I could see my progress and growth over time, and the deep pride that I get that I crafted my own body myself, naturally.

Productive Competition

Competition is often bad, but you can also be very productive being around others, and social displays of strength and power and motivate you to become even stronger!

Parenting Thoughts: On Being a Father

Pater — father. Life’s ultimate joy, especially if you have a son!

The heir to the throne?

It seems that all men desire to have at least one son. Whenever you see a family of two girls, three girls, or even four girls, you could definitely see that the family tried to have a son, but didn’t and stopped.

Your son is a mini you

If you are a man, a father, and you have a son, let us realize and recognize that your son is just a mini you. Don’t you desire your son to become so insanely epic, 1 billion times better than you?

To compare your kid to any other kid is mediocritizing

Why is competition and comparison so bad? It mediocritizes. It is a form of standardization, standardization is bad. Do you want to make your kids standard, or a new level?

Having kids is insanely underrated

Modern day society, and new millennial norms are degenerate. I find it frightening with modern day millennial norms to think that nowadays everyone just wants a dog, a cat, and no kids. To just travel the world, go to Japan, and eat good food.

I am pro kids, anti-pets. Anti-dogs, anti-cats.