What is money?

Ideal money

Truly immutable or not?

Mathematically correct


The perfect money

Incorruptible system

What is property ?

Property law

Money is the apex property, or most important property

Money is property!

Money –> property you can trade for any other property

Politically engineered money vs scientifically engineered money

The best engineered money

Shared, immutable correct

So many coin networks

The litians

Los Angeles

Clipping the currency


.1 or .01?


Money changers

50% after 72 hours currency changing

Transformation of energy loss

You cannot create energy ,,, but you can extract it


Thumbs up!

Cybertruck is interesting because it doesn’t look like a truck

Slanted trunk

Like a really long fast back?

Too much gold is bad

Gold is not mathematically correct , nor conservative .
. Approximation

2% error a year

Double or triple the gold after sacking


It is easy to confiscate things

Hyper expensive

Clothes or iron or steel?


No money velocity and distribution


How to wake up

Bronze gold rims


4 runner over cyber truck


The belongings of others belong to me!

Money is great >>>>

Money is opportunistic!

Obvious decisions are obvious


Authenticate a gold coin?

Prius till I die!

Gold applications

Laws of physics

Gold check


Invites violence?

So slow?

Gold standard invites war

Sell me your bitcoin!

Bitcoin stickers?

Nobody has war for paper currency

Sack the city for gold

Steal the gold and art



Gold for final settlement

Increase your fitness

How to increase your fitness

Morning routine?

1971– default on gold standard

60 pound weight vest training?

240% up , gold is down 9.82%…

132% compounded annual froth rate over 10 years … 13.9% over 10 years, 33% up one year sp

Gold is not store of value last decade… opposite

Collapse of purchasing power over 12 months


Store of value? 33% or better … gold is -40%, Bitcoin is +200%


Gold is no longer monetary asset?

Bitcoin Rapper?

I got my bits, you got your nits


Nitta please

My bitcoins bad and boujee


Laugh and smile

Not smart enough

Bitcoin Banker

Become your own SWAT team?



It’s not my fault you’re a pussy!


It’s not my fault you’re a weakling and coward!

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