Evolving swarm creature

The more pain you feel, the faster your reflexes

How to harness or channel pain into power and energy?

Bitcoin is programmable money

Program and condition the money?

Force and acceleration with money?

Million heads

Lazy lions die, weak antelope get eaten

Weak die, strong procreate

Time cannot go backwards , time must work forward — entropy

The thought that the future of your life has negative value?

Store of value

It’s not a perfect design until there’s nothing left to remove ***

Think assets 100 years from now

Why gas cars are a bad idea– as time goes up the price of gas will indefinitely go up?

extract power from chaos

Engineer a better habitat

1-2% of wealth in high frequency transactions

Keep 1-3% wealth in fiat

The more muscle you gain, the more energy and power you gain?

Can you “undo” pollution?

Visual Pollution

Don’t create complexity

Low frequency settlement network

Easier to make money just being legitimate

Bitcoin is the universal language of economic truth

Ounces of gold, versus bitcoins  

Self sovereign economic energy

Bitcoin is a great way to transmit energy into the future

95% of the crypto asset market 

Immortal sovereignty and anti-fragility

A Crypto network is a life form 

One Apex predator

Decentralized Lifeforce

Bunny rabbit versus wolf

Absorb feature sets from competitors

Immortality, immortal sovereignty

Long range sovereignty

Magic power

Life force

Type 2 diabetes and cancer

We can tell people what to think about 

Energy density 

10% drain on your life every year

-10% yearly yield?

The overall number is flat

The decimation law — 1 of 10

10% maintenance costs

Paint steel

Value of functionality and acquisition

Maintain it then enjoy it?

Don’t go to Moscow, don’t fight a war on two fronts

Stuff breaks

10% tithing obligation

Words don’t matter , actions matter

40 year old emperor in military

Grounded in reality

“Soon you shall have forgotten all and all have forgotten you”

He had the keys

Darwinian vitality

Is lying permitted ?

Lying is fine!

Most adaptive to change?

There are no ugly animals

Terrifying beauty in nature

In the wild

Time cannot and must not flow backwards

Wisdom is key

Money is tokenized energy in a socio political framework

Dollar is a measure of energy

“How much energy”?

What is the “point” of a human body?

First digital money

Think science and engineering for money

Yall look the same by

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