How to Gain *MORE* Energy?

Monetary energy leap

Pure digital monetary network

Monetary energy is energy

Human labor crystallized into money

Money is energy

Money is the highest form of energy

Money is the highest form of energy which humans can channel! ***


Conservation of energy

Conserve energy … this is what it means to conserve money?

Wind energy

Humans prosper by harnessing energy

Most efficient energy network in the world

Lightness is divine

Harness energy?

Store and transmit energy across time and space

Across domain

Energy lacks durability

Save for the sake of what

24% bleed rate per year

Variable cost

Command human time or savings

50,000x cheaper

Lossless energy network overtime 

We need some gravity and friction in our lives

$250T of energy in it

Lose the house in 50 years At 2%

20-100 years, you will get bled out by taxes 

Heat exchange, energy exchange

6% transaction fee

30 days, $60,000

It can take you three years to sell a house

No inflation

Infinitely hard

You’re going to lose 99.5% of your energy in Fiat

Crypto container, like a steel container

Steel hull

Vacuum seal it

The destiny of money is to be encrypted

Crypto containers, in bitcoin miners are power plants

Money is Power — deep reality

Money is the highest form of power

The superset of all power

Ultimately power becomes money

Lifeforce, treasury reserve asset

60-90 days without food, 30 pounds of fat 

 organic battery

Treasury is an organic battery

Store and save power

Muscle is power on tap? Or the more muscle you got, the more metaphorical horsepower you got?

No hedge, no speculation. 100% commitment

Hundred percent commitment, no other thing 

Don’t inject sugar into your body, that is type two diabetes, injecting sugar is bad

If you inject too much sugar into your body, your insulin response is falling and you become insulin resistant, or resistant to insulin

Your body becomes diabetic , you get metabolic disease

Pancreas fails, liver fails

Organ failure, cancer then death

Overdose on pure sugar

Pro rata– in proportion —

Pari passu: on equal footing

Borrow money in cash , bitcoin goes up 20% a year , borrow money at 5%, then my arbitrage is 15%

Pledge collateral against the loan

Borrow against your stationary assets 

$400M in debt

The taxes will kill you

Taxes murder you


15 bitcoin and borrow one bitcoin?

How to acquire more bitcoin?

“ Never bet against the United States “


Respect laws of thermodynamics

The laws of conservation of energy

Conservative monetary network

Conservative energy is truth

Energy –> ultimate scarce asset in the universe

–> make or create more energy? Or store it or use it?


“You can’t get out of the game”

You can’t cheat the laws of thermodynamic


Force is mass times acceleration –> accelerate faster ?

Or increase mass,

Basis of heat exchange

More force is the goal

Move mass fast ,,, make mass zero

Bitcoin is technology and economics

Mass is expensive to move around

Bitcoin as assets

More assets , more riches

Cyber hornets eat you

Bribe gatekeeper?

The best defense is a good offense 
Active defense, moving defense

Continuous adaptation

Absorb capabilities of enemy and reflect back to them

Bitcoin network is hydra

Million arms and heads

Gates , gatekeepers are weakness

Proof of work network which is energy intensive

Money is energy

How to gain more energy–> the goal?

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