Why Money?

Money as stored power, and labor, to be used at other times?

Money as potential energy? 

smuggler –> someone who doesn’t want to pay taxes

Control over the mercantile network

The doge in Venice

Who takes half your money

Energy flow

Pontifex Maximus

Democratic is often bad?

–> Apple as the ultimate democratizing thing

200 basis point spreads

Amsterdam -> distribution center

It is useful to have god on your side

Create the religion for political and economic reasons

Center of empire

Create economic density


1 export in America is security

Blows up

The most dangerous industry?

Difficult technologies

100 story skyscraper

Steel is the perfect material for civil engineering –> cheap

Steel will last forever

Cold rolled steel

Steel is strongest of strong

No steel no bridges

No bridges no manhattan

Makeup is for ugly people?

Aluminum is 20x more expensive than steel

Aluminum flies

Trillion dollar industry


Energy Network

We are not alike

1900-1950: conquer infectious diseases

People with tuberculosis –> 1B people death sentence

1/2 penicillin antibiotics and sterilization half of history books


People bleeding themselves to death?

Think population

Defeat tuberculosis


Think modular clothing?

Don’t channel people in any direction too much

Accidental breakthrough

1/2 of breakthroughs are accidental

What is muscle? A store of power

Latent energy

Nobody cares for your token! The biggest issue with tokens is that you could just keep producing them

For example, if you are an arcade, the Peter Pan arcade, then as a consequence, you could keep making these tokens ad infinitum 


The Black Eagle

The warberghs

Mobile Capital

Harder, faster stronger



Bitcoin Theory –> I’m excited about this!

The first digital monetary system,

Perfected . 200B market cap

100B of monetary energy

95%-99% doesn’t believe in them?

Fire unleashed, too big to fail


Collapsing into lower energy state

For a nickel? Massive Dematerialize of value

Steam to water to ice

Giving off energy

How important is energy to the human race?

The bodybuilder ERIC KIM


Money is the highest form of energy humans can channel?

What is money

Why does money matter

Missle –> kinetic energy

Aqueduct water and gravity

Weight and weight lifting is gravity


Money as battery

Lose 2% a month, lose 24% of your energy a year?

24% inflation a year

$100M of energy and electricity you gotta use it today!

Gold : claim of saving


Think mobile

$100M of energy 100 years into the future


Laptop charged in attic for 100 years

Gold will last in vault 100 years

1900–> USA vault, we are the most successful, JPMORGAN remains NYC…. 2% miner rate of gold

35 years

100M–35M in 70 years , 12.5M in 100 years

Gold battery drained


Don’t trust people with small dogs

Over a long enough time the mortality rate is 100%


Variable defense


Why Save?


Commodity is bad

Don’t be commoditized



Stability is Key

Electricity > Apple

Public Utility




$5 vs. $250,000

50,000x cheaper!

Crypto rails


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