The funny weird thing in America and beyond:

Everyone seems jealous and envious of Jewish people, because they are so rich, successful, powerful etc.

But something I have discovered:

I don’t know any happy Jewish people?

But then again;

Do I know *ANY* happy people?

No. Besides myself!

Weird stuff?

Once again; I think people tend to hate, be anti-semetic etc because they have this weird formula:

Because XYZ race/ethnicity has all the money, power, control influence etc,,, they are so much happier than me, and they did it illicitly, with poor and sneaky illegitimate strategies.

So once again this weird bias —

We think we should hate and be envious of the happy, successful etc — but in fact,,, even *they* are not happy!

You cannot be an ‘open’ Jewish person in America

John Stewart;; had to change his last name to sound less ‘Jewish’.

I suppose the only place in the world in which you can be Jewish, openly Jewish and proud is maybe Israel? But funny enough;; Israelis consider themselves ‘Israelis’– not “Jewish”, even though technically they *are* jewish!

Also things I am not 100% certain about:

The tension between Ashkenazi Jewish vs Sephardic Jewish people in Israel

What are the consequences of this line of thinking?

Lots of takeaway points:

  1. First;; we should never envy or hate or be jealous of anyone who is probably not happy.