Technically in America, in terms of legality… I don’t think it is illegal to be racist.

However philosophically, the better question is this:

*SHOULD* one be permitted to be racist, whether in real life or closet?

Michael Richards?

So Michael Richards, also known as Kramer in the show Seinfeld… I suppose he is not Jewish. He is actually of Scottish and English descent on his father side, and Italian on his mother side. His mother‘s family originates from Italy, in the basilicata region.

I think the big problem with Kramer, or Michael Richards in the whole laugh factory comedy club incident isn’t the fact that he dropped the N bomb, but the fact that he invoked lynching.

Whether you are racist or not, nobody should talk about that.

If you’re a real racist?

Keep it to yourself. Don’t tell it to nobody. Don’t say nothing publicly and certainly don’t act upon it!

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