Disempowerment & Desperation

People who have no power become desperate. Perhaps the whole issue that Kanye West has against Jewish people is that he himself feels diss empowered, disenfranchised. Into a large extent it is true; in America and in the history of America, Jewish, Jewish American people have been able to assimilate into standard “white” American society, because their skin pigment, a lot of them being eastern European Jewish, they can blend in and “white pass”. However, being of African-American descent, or assuming that your ancestors were brought into America via slave ship, much more difficult to assimilate and to blend in.

we have a tricky situation here; both Jewish, Jewish American, and African, African-American people are disenfranchised in America. Standard Caucasian quaker protestant British descendants— will always be racist to Jewish people and also to African-American people.

I suppose the big issue here now is that in America at least, it seems statistically and sociologically, many more Jewish Jewish American families have ascended into positions of power and prestige, due to their literary background, lot of them are professors, economist, opinion writers, highly educated. Doctors, lawyers, etc. Perhaps the difference is that a lot of Jewish Jewish American people came to America as refugees escaping the holocaust, whereas Africans, African-Americans were brought unwillingly against their own will via slave ship.

Korean vs Vietnamese narratives?

a similar difference happens in Korean American versus Vietnamese American migration patterns. Many of the Vietnamese came to America via the “boat people“, flinging the communist takeover of Vietnam, the fall of Saigon. We as Koreans came to America as willing for immigrants, coming here on their own will for greater economic opportunity and freedom.