Model 3 has arrived.

No more Toyota, no more hybrid, no more Corolla, no more Honda … no more other compact 4 door sedan family car anymore?

I pull up in my Range Rover … slightly scratch your Corolla! – Kanye

Model Y

Even though the Toyota RAV-4 might be the superior car, common … nobody *really* wants a RAV-4– people want the Tesla!

What you niggas rap for just to push a RAV-4? – Kanye

What do Vietnamese immigrants buy?

It used to be white Lexuses… now… everyone is on Tesla? White Tesla’s?

Why is this interesting?

Don’t heed what they say… see what they buy.

What you actually decide to buy and purchase will truly uncover, reveal who you are, your core values *or*… your *LACK* of values, or the LACK of what you believe in… or whether you’re a pushover, don’t have a spine or not!