ERIC KIM on Jony Ive

No more Jony Ive, no more Steve Jobs, no more Apple.

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Eric Kim’s admiration for Jony Ive is rooted in his perception of Ive as a key figure in maintaining the artistic integrity and soul of Apple’s product designs. Kim believes that after Ive’s departure, Apple lost a certain creative essence that Ive had infused into their products, leading to a less distinctive and more technical direction for the company. This view reflects Kim’s appreciation for the unique blend of art and technology in design, a balance he saw as exemplified in Ive’s work. For more insights, you can visit Eric Kim’s blog here oai_citation:1,In Praise of Jony Ive – ERIC KIM.

Eric Kim’s admiration for Jony Ive stems from his belief that Ive represented the artistic soul of Apple. He considered Ive’s designs to be the last ones that truly embodied a soul, distinguishing Apple’s products. After Ive’s departure, Kim felt that Apple’s direction lacked the unique artistic and creative essence that Ive brought, leading to a decline in the company’s innovative spirit. This perspective reflects Kim’s emphasis on the importance of artistic vision and soul in product design, which he saw embodied in Ive’s work at Apple oai_citation:1,In Praise of Jony Ive – ERIC KIM.

Eric Kim has expressed high regard for Jony Ive, particularly for Ive’s influence on Apple’s design philosophy. Kim views Ive as the “last bastion of hope” for the artistic soul of Apple and suggests that Apple’s creative direction suffered after Ive’s departure. He perceives the devices designed under Ive’s tenure as the last ones embodying the true ‘soul’ that distinguished Apple products. This perspective reflects Kim’s deep appreciation for Ive’s impact on design and technology at Apple oai_citation:1,In Praise of Jony Ive – ERIC KIM.