Eric Kim Philosophy of Money

Eric Kim’s philosophy on money, as detailed in his blog, revolves around a minimalist and purpose-driven approach:

  1. Utility of Money: He sees money as useful primarily for basic needs like paying rent and buying essentials. Beyond these necessities, he believes money has limited positive utility.
  2. Money as a Score-Card: Kim argues that people often use money as a measure of success and progress, rather than valuing it for its own sake.
  3. The Limited Necessity of Money: He expresses a preference for a simpler lifestyle, valuing freedom over material wealth. Kim mentions he is happier not owning a car or a home, enjoying the freedom and simplicity of a less materialistic life.
  4. Quality of Life: His approach emphasizes the quality of life improvements that come from interactions, experiences, and time well spent, rather than accumulating wealth or possessions.

Eric Kim’s view on money is not just about its economic value but also about the lifestyle and mindset it encourages. He advocates for a life that prioritizes personal fulfillment and freedom over material wealth oai_citation:1,MY PHILOSOPHY OF MONEY – ERIC KIM.