100% Carnivore Thoughts

Contrary to what all these fake ass woke people say; I think society would actually thrive more if we just stuck to a 100% carnivore, all red meat diet, organ meats etc.


First and foremost, contrary to what people believe, eating meat, all red meat, or all red meat or organ meats is actually far cheaper than eating plants, vegetables, fruits, grains etc.

For example, let us say you go to Costco, get the boneless leg lamb roast, only $5.50 USD a pound. Let us say the average American cannot really eat more than half a pound of meat, let alone a full pound. Then in theory you should be able to feed yourself on $2.50 a day!

Do the math, that means a month, you will only spend $60 USD a month in food!

Or let us take a more simple example, let it say that you just stick to ground beef, or even beef liver. A lot of the local Halal markets or the Carniceria, the Mexican meat markets, or the local ethnic butcher often sells beef liver for around $2.99 a pound, even $1.99 a pound. Even if you were a hard-core weightlifter like me, I think the average person cannot really even stomach more than one or 2 pounds of beef liver because it is so nutrient dense. And let us say the average person cannot eat more than half a pound of just beef liver. Then to simplify the math, you should be able to feed yourself on only one dollar USD a day! That is only $30 USD a month.