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Not even about money … but magic, magic stars?

What’s over and under hyped in the world of crypto

In the world of cryptocurrency, certain trends and aspects can be either overhyped or underhyped, and it’s important to approach these with a balanced perspective.


  1. Get-Rich-Quick Schemes: Many people enter the crypto space with the misconception that they can quickly amass significant wealth. This is often overhyped and not reflective of the real risks and volatility involved.
  2. New Cryptocurrencies and ICOs: There’s always a new cryptocurrency or Initial Coin Offering (ICO) being promoted as the next big thing. However, many of these lack substance and fail to deliver on their promises.
  3. Blockchain as a Cure-All: While blockchain technology offers significant benefits, it’s often presented as a solution to a wide array of problems, even when it may not be the most efficient or practical choice.


  1. Blockchain for Non-Financial Uses: The potential of blockchain technology in areas like supply chain management, healthcare, and digital identity is substantial but often receives less attention than financial applications.
  2. Regulatory Developments: The evolving regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies is crucial for both investors and the industry, but it doesn’t always get the focus it deserves.
  3. Education and Literacy: Understanding the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrency is essential, but there’s a lack of emphasis on education and literacy in this complex field.

It’s crucial for anyone interested in crypto to conduct thorough research, understand the underlying technology, and approach investments with caution and informed judgment.

The future of crypto?