ChatGPT marketing suggestions

I think the best way to market ChatGPT is to brand it like it will be your centaur. That is, certain things which are interesting include:

  1. ChatGPT 4 can actually write code!!!
  2. ChatGPT 4 can give you feedback on your photos or your artwork

Essentially the basic idea is that ChatGPT is not going to us it, rather, augment us, make us more creative, and also, cutting out the advertisements.

I think ChatGPT should really focus on this; and also open AI: that we are sick and tired of all these annoying ads. That if you subscribe to ChatGPT premium, you can live a beautiful ad-free existence.

For example, one insanely annoying thing is that it seems that whenever I’m just trying to find a simple recipe to cook something in the instant pot etc., I have to scroll through all this annoying “content marketing“, about the history of the food blah blah blah. This is insanely annoying. I want you to just cut to the chase!

This is where CHAT GPT is great, it cuts to the chase in a nice numbered bullet form list rather than all of this unnecessary filler on top.

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