The theory and philosophy of mimesis, and mimetic theory

I first heard about this notion of mimesis., mimetic theory from Peter Thiel from his zero to one book, quoting his mentor Renee Girard. Essentially the gist and the notion is that most of our “desires“ are sociological ones; not inherent in us, but rather, programmed into us by society.

A new direction and path I am pursuing is trying to seive and filter and separate the two;

What are the false mimetic desires which were indoctrinated into me by others and society, and what are my inherently authentic ones?

For example, a mimetic desire: getting a really really big benchpress, three plates, four plates, five plates, six plates, seven plates, eight plates etc. Or getting really really big deltoids and a really really big chest.

My theory on why it was seem as desirable to get a very big chest might be a media thing; movies, when you watch Arnold Schwarzenegger, typically the camera points directly towards actor, and if the actor is topless, the things he will primarily see is his face and his chest.


another mimetic desire is big biceps. Where does this come from?

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