The Best Exercises for Entrepreneurs

This is for the billionaires and entrepreneurs out there:

0. The guiding principles

The overall guiding principles for weightlifting for entrepreneurs is simple:

To hype yourself up so much, and get into such an epic zen zone, that you feel invincible and you feel like you could do anything.

1. Rack pull

What is a rack pull? Imagine like doing a deadlift, except you could use your legs as leverage, pushing up the barbell with your thighs, and as a consequence, you can lift more. For example, I just hit 810 pounds, and I feel amazing!

Why the rack pull?

First and foremost, it is “safer“ then just doing a deadlift off the floor, whether you use conventional or sumo style. A lot of people apparently talk about how the injure their backs by doing that lift off the floor, whether conventional or sumo. This lead people to do selling things like use weightlifting belts, which I actually think makes way more dangerous.

I think the ultimate purpose of weightlifting for entrepreneurs is to be able to put yourself in such an epic zen zone, in which you feel like a demigod. Rack pull allows for this.

2. Atlas lift

The next exercise is the atlas lift, which I actually think is the new emperor of all this. Why? You could just lift far more than any other lift. Remember, we call it weight lifting, not weight pressing.

I just did 920 pounds and I feel amazing.

The funny thing is that a lot of people look at this lift, and they are confused, and I’ve had at least half a dozen people telling me to “be careful“. However, once again, this might be one of the safest lifts out there, because there is a binary; either you could lift it up or not. Therefore in terms of “safety“, you’re not going to “hurt“ yourself.

3. Using the most effective means to lift the maximum weight

The principles are simple; just think to yourself, which method, technique, or approach can I do which allows me to move the maximum amount of weight.

4. Farmer’s Carries

For example, let us consider farmers caries, in which you just literally lift up the heaviest dumbbell you can at the gym, whether it be 150 pounds, etc., and just see how far you could walk it out.

This is a simple thought, because it is easier to lift up 150 pounds, and farmer walk it, then press it upwards off your chest. Also easier than a shoulder press.

5. Preventing critical injuries

Where do 99.99% of injuries happen in the context of weightlifting at the gym? Not the knees or the back, but actually, the shoulders, the rotator cuff, etc.

Essentially any sort of pressing motion, whether it be bench press, shoulder press, seated shoulder press, overhead military press, clean and jerk, snatch, etc.

The gym or working out or weightlifting is one of the best ways for ideation, and coming up with creative ideas. Therefore it is intelligent to strategize in such a way that you won’t get injured.

6. What is not the point of weightlifting for entrepreneurs?

Most people at the gym who lift weights, they do it for bodybuilding, to build up a big chest, shoulders, deltoid etc. But, if you’re an entrepreneur, ultimately your strength and power is in your legs, not your chest or shoulders.

7. Every day is leg day

Also, I believe that the more testosterone an entrepreneur has, the better.