ERIC KIM DOWNTOWN LA WORKSHOP June 17th, 2023 (SATURDAY): Turbocharge Your Photography and Life

Dear friend,

If you are hungry to turbocharge yourself, your life, your photography, your philosophy, your creativity, I cordially invite you to my new workshop in Downtown LA, this June 17th, Saturday 2023.


Thinking about this for a long time, ultimately, what is real? Real is fellow like-minded individuals occupying the same physical space, breathing the same air, sharing thoughts on life, photography, art, creativity, and more.

What do you want?

I don’t know about you, but this is what I want:

  1. Becoming more creative
  2. Becoming more inspired
  3. Thinking higher and more lofty thoughts
  4. Thinking deeper, more critically, becoming more philosophical
  5. Becoming a better photographer
  6. Gaining more creative confidence
  7. Gaining more social courage
  8. I meeting fellow like-minded passionate individuals
  9. Flourishing
  10. Thriving

Who is this for?

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for you.

This is a unique workshop because it will be a combination of entrepreneurial thinking, musings on photography life and art, deeper meaning and purpose in life, etc.

The structure of this workshop is that we will start off at the coffee shop, using this opportunity to meet one another, gain deeper insights about one another, better learning and understanding our life mission goals, and also, strategizing ways we could head towards those goals, and beyond.

Also, there will be a photography element. Some of the best photography happens while just walking and talking, especially in the vibrant and dynamic downtown LA backdrop.

Fortune favors the bold

What is the best way to live life? I think it is a combination of the social, the physical, the artistic and creative, and also, the new.

The reason why I love workshops so much, both teaching and attending them is that it gives you a unique opportunity to break out of your traditional routine. For example, you might have the same rhythm when it comes to waking up, going to work, going home, don’t do anything creative, go to sleep. Or if you’re retired or semi-retired, maybe you’re more homebound, or stuck in your own locale.

A workshop is an excuse to break out of your traditional routine, and do some thing new, challenging, and interesting. In this workshop, once we establish your life goals, your photography goals, I will help you personally strategize how to best achieve those goals, both philosophically, practically, and with great encouragement and enthusiasm. Treat this like your one on one time consulting with ERIC KIM.

Life goals, life dreams?

We all have different life goals in life dreams. What is yours? This workshop is your opportunity to unlock your true potential.

The 411

The details for this Downtown LA LOS ANGELES workshop:

  • Date: June 17th, Saturday, 2023
  • Time: 11am-4pm
  • Meeting spot: ilcafe, 855 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014. Same street as the Ace Hotel
  • Contact email: — my workshops manager and also my mom!

Bring a friend or family member!

What is also unique about this workshop is that when you register and sign up, you can bring a friend or family member for free!

Buy one, get one free! My BOGO (buy one, get one [free]) philosophy to life.

My personal goals for you this workshop

For myself, this is what I hope you will gain after attending this workshop:

  1. Improved and increased vision, determination, and chutzpah regarding your life goals
  2. New strategies, new ways of thinking to approach your life, your creative and photographic life
  3. New innovative thoughts, entrepreneurial ideas to turbo charge your approach in life, photography, creativity and art
  4. Making new friends, new connections, joining the EK illuminati
  5. Greeter social confidence in the context of street photography, approaching strangers, interacting with strangers, etc.
  6. Critical feedback on your ideas, your photography, your portfolio, and also, how to put yourself out there, gaining traction as a photographer artist and thinker
  7. Gaining new hopes, aspirations, and dreams in life

Skin in the game

Now that I am a bitcoin billionaire, I don’t really have a good use for money anymore. Therefore, the reason I teach is workshops is simply for fun.

If after the workshop you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, just email my mom (my workshops manager) at and either I will give you a spot in the near future workshop, 100% for free, or, I’ll offer you a free consulting session, or, all refund your money 100%.

Why? Skin in the game, soul in the game. The way I treat money nowadays is that is just a filter; I don’t want random people attending this workshop, only the determined, bold, and great.

Your investment

The tuition for this workshop is $3700 USD. However, if you submit your full deposit and tuition by June 3rd, it will only be 999 USD (this includes you bringing a free friend or family member — insanely good deal!)

Normal tuition portal ($3700 USD) >

Early-Bird Discount Portal (only 999 USD) >

Secure your future

There are only six sign-up spots in total, which is in total 12 people.

Secure your future before it is too late.

How do I know if my spot is secure?

Once you submit your full tuition for this workshop, your spot is 100% secure. If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please email my mom and workshops manager Lea Chung at

How should I prepare for this workshop?

You don’t need to prepare anything before this workshop. Just come to the workshop with an open mind, and of course your camera! I recommend bringing your smallest most portable camera possible, preferably your RICOH GR III/RICOH GR IIIX camera, maybe your Leica Q/Q2 camera, or Leica M rangefinder if you want to practice zone focusing or other things. Or your Fujifilm x100/X-PRO camera, etc.

How to get to the workshop

If you live in southern California, or Northern California, and you plan on driving, there are lots of open parking spots close by. Just drive around and find the closest parking lot, typically cost around 10 or $15 for the whole day.

Do you plan on flying in, and stay at an Airbnb, just take an Uber there.

More fun idea is just stay at the Ace Hotel just down the street. This could also be a fun opportunity for you to also check out the new downtown LA Apple Store, very cool.

What the hell are you waiting for?

Legends never die.

Normal Tuition Portal:

$3700 USD: PayPal Buy Portal Here >

Early-Bird Tuition Portal:

Only 999 USD: PayPal Buy Portal Here >

Now what?

Once you submit your deposit, your spot is 100% secure. In the meanwhile, before you’re waiting for this exciting workshop, keep thinking, creating, sharing and publishing, and excited to finally meet you in the flesh!


Business expense, corporate education

The great thing with this workshop that it could also be a business expense for you, or part of your corporate educational learning and development. If you need a special invoice to follow this as a business expense, or an extended learning opportunity, email my mom Lea Chung (my workshops manager) at and we will set you up.