Every day is leg day:

1. Atlas lift

I also call it the squat hold; essentially, just putting insanely heavy weight on the squat rack, and the only goal is to just lift it up a little bit, hold it for a few seconds, and just put it down. Even lifting it up for half a second is sufficient.

Currently as I write this, my personal record is 750 pounds; seven 45 pound plates on each side, a 35 pound plate, and a 2 1/2 pound on each side.

2. Rack pull

The second essential lift is the rack pull. Essentially load up a very very heavy weight, on the power rack, and it just depends to a size that feels comfortable to your height. Essentially imagine a shortened deadlift, only the very top.

When you do a rack pull, no belt, no straps, no knee wraps, etc. Just use liquid weightlifting chalk, and for your heavier sets, a mixed grip.

Also a pro tip is when you are doing the rack pull, push and also pull up much with your legs!

3. Very heavy dumbbell Farmers walk

The goal is very simple; only using weightlifting chalk, no hand or wrist wraps, seek to lift up the heaviest dumbbells that your gym offers, and just walk it out a little bit. For my gym that is 150 pound dumbbells.