GoPro Mini Review: The New Best Video Vlogging Camera of All Time (THE NEW VIDEO CAMERA GOAT)

The new GoPro Mini — the new heavyweight of video, vlogging cameras:

Smaller is better

Some thing that people do not realize is that when inspiration strikes, it is often in very random situations. The upside of some thing which is insanely small is that whenever inspiration strikes, you can quickly record, video and vlog it.

For example, the reason why I love the Ricoh GR 3X camera so much is that it is always in my front right pocket, and irregardless of whatever situation I’m in, whether I’m walking around, driving, etc., I can always shoot the photo. Also the upside of shooting extra small JPEG is that there is literally no hesitation; there is really no downside to shooting any photos.

LCD screens are bad

I am one of the OG people whose started uploading stuff to YouTube, back when I was 22 years old, before YouTube had advertisements. At the time, I still recall my first viral gopro street photography POV video, using the original GoPro hero.

The funny thing is that the original GoPro hero had no LCD screen, not as a design aesthetic thing, but simply because the technology wasn’t there yet. And that upside was actually a really good thing. Why? LCD screens are a massive distraction.

Nowadays I think it’s hilarious to see all these vloggers who have the tilting articulating self facing LCD screen; I think they harm more than help.

What do you want to do anyways?

I think one of the greatest things about vlogging is that you have the unique opportunity to share your perspective and your point of view with the world. This is where the GoPro is so phenomenal; shooting Ultra Wide mode can literally allow you to share your perspective with others.

The fewer things you need to concern yourself with, the better.

Something no one really ever talks about how the go pro so phenomenal is that you don’t need to focus. Everything is in focus.

If you are things you need to concern yourself with, the better. Why? Having to concern yourself if something is in focus or not is a huge distraction.

Moral of the story: just get a gopro mini. Tell them EK sent you!