How to Ignore

The art of ignoring:

1. It is training

Delight in ignoring. Delight in ignoring others, the news, distractions, etc.

Ignore means ignorance. When utilized wisely, to be ignorant of superfluous things is good.

2. Don’t use text messaging, don’t have email installed on your phone

If you check your email several times a day on your phone, or refresh your Gmail when you know that you haven’t got any new emails, it is a slave mentality. Two things; to seek new opportunities in your email inbox is a sign of weakness, also, typically any “opportunity“, offered to you is some sort of servitude.

How to not care what other people think about you

3. See others as beneath you

This is a “bad stoic strategy”; by seeing others as below you are beneath you, their petty actions don’t really bother you. Why? When you see others as beneath you, you don’t set them to the same high standards you set yourself. This means, Their actions, words, or lack of actions and words don’t bother you.