How to See Like an Artist

What does it mean to see like an artist? It means to see the world as more beautiful, more full, more mysterious, more enigmatic.

See and think abstract

Focus on the details, obscuring things. To make your photos more mysterious and interesting, obscure more of the frame, obscure the face of your subject, etc.

Imprecise is good

Why is it that we are always seeking for precision in our photography in our artwork? This shouldn’t be the goal. Precision is boring. Precision is scientific, and lacks obscurity and fuzzy edges. True art has no fine lines, no hard edges, no clear definitions.


Give randomness a chance. What does that mean? With any real artistic discoveries, or even scientific ones, I do not believe in 100% precision. For example, the invention of the microwave oven was an accident, x-rays were discovered via an accident, scotch tape, etc.

Kill your masters

With art, you must cut the umbilical cord, you must kill your masters metaphorically. There must be a certain point which you see yourself as above your master. For example, do you see yourself as superior to Henri Cartier-Bresson, to see yourself as superior to Picasso, etc.