Abundant Thoughts

Currently speaking, we live in an era and time of hyper abundance. I call it “insane abundance.” That is, the amount of abundance we have is astonishing.

For example, consider how we have the most abundance of all resources, energy and supplies known to man.

Some practical examples; I am so insanely grateful for the Costco business Center, for being my meat plug, in terms of beef ribs and beef brisket. I will never run out of meat. The reason why am so infinitely grateful for this is that it is my theory that the more highly nutritious beef I consume, the more myoglobin, the closer the meat is to the bone, for example like beef ribs, the stronger and more powerful I become. For example, when I was in South Korea, before simply too expensive, I had to settle with pork instead. While I do love pork ribs and pork belly, beef ribs and beef belly is superior.

America is great because literally anything you want is easily accessible, and the cheapest in terms of price globally. For example, it is very interesting that Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis cars are actually cheaper in America than they are in Korea. Why? The South Korea government imposes a high driving tax on Korean citizens, because the nation is so small. The South Korean government wants to discourage driving. Whereas in America, almost every single automobile is sold cheaper here than elsewhere.

I’m also really grateful for the gyms here, and just how cheap and easily accessible they are. For example, the local gym I just go to, my only cost maybe 20 or 30 bucks a month. Insanely cheap, with all the way to need to play around. Compare this with other countries where finding a gym is quite hard, especially a gym that is well equipped with power racks, for squat and deadlift etc.

Third, Amazon. Amazon prime is so insanely useful and helpful, even when I was in Japan, having to procure an SD card was both annoying and very expensive. I’m so happy that if I want to order an SD card or micro SD card, I know I could get it on Amazon so cheap and quickly, with the lowest price. For me I like this notion of “fair pricing“, whenever I buy something on Amazon, I know that I’m not getting upcharged somewhere.

Fourth, I think we should be more grateful for the Internet. Why? It is truly the greatest invention known to man thus far. Consider how the Internet has augmented our ability to do anything and everything. I am so grateful for digital photography, and the Internet, because it helped me become a self-employed entrepreneur, and help me make a living from my passion. My mom always reminds me — “Eric, you are so lucky to have been born in the air or the Internet. If it wasn’t for the Internet, there is no way you could’ve turned your passion into a living.”

What should you do with all of this insane abundance?

I think the best thing to do with insane abundance is share your abundance with others. That is, through your ideas thoughts, books resources, etc. Open source, abundance.

Knowing that the pie is not fixed. That when you help others, and the more generous you are with others, the more it actually end up helping you as well in the long run. That uplifting somebody else doesn’t tear you down. On the contrary, it is superadditive, everybody wins even more.