It is better to give the elite advice at a very high-level, with a low likelihood of compliance, rather than offer mediocre advice, which may yield a higher compliance result

This is a big thought. For example, if you are a doctor, is it better for you to offer advice at the very elite level, with the chance that your patient has a very low chance of actually listening to you, versus offering mediocre advice, with a slightly higher chance of compliance?

Once again, let us say you have these two options:

  1. Offer a very very good program for your patient to start exercising, and lose fat, with the .05% chance that they will actually comply
  2. Offer very generic advice, with a 10% chance of compliance

Most doctors do the second. Why? Once again it becomes a numbers game. Modern medicine and modern advice giving is for the masses, and is quite mediocre. There is very little advice given at the elite level.

I actually find this very degrading to patients. Why? Perhaps we need to have more faith in our patients, or students, and those who we give advice to and teach. Treat them like yourself.

For example, I consider myself an insanely intelligent and motivated person. Rather than seeing other people as subpar to myself, lacking my intelligence or my willpower, perhaps it is better to treat them like myself.

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