Insanely Bold Over Timid

Cash flow

Lean culture — cost conscious culture

Real rich people drive cheap cars

Is scale really important for you or your business model?

Cash favored, capital efficient

Do you admire the person?

How can this person be a superstar?

Long term value creation?

Epic scale?

Capital efficient.

Lower costs for experiments and experimentation?

Digital real estate ?

Eliminate errors ?

Do both.

More selection?

Lower prices?

True ownership?

Insanely long term tenacity **

The long run!

“Free cash flow”?

Creation or destruction of value?

Slowly grow, but indefinitely over the long term?

Don’t build physical stores

Technology which disappears **

Technology that gets out of the way

Don’t duplicate the physical, approach if differently .

“Start a fire”— Kindle

Muda — waste.

Eliminate the source of the dirt

Invent on behalf of your customers

Invention is in our dna **

Blow through the traditional gatekeepers

Help others pursue their dreams

Internally vs externally driven


Invent before you have to!

Do things proactively!

Surprise, delight, add trust.

In the long term, you will be weighed more accurately.

“Change for the better”

Reduce waste **

Bold bets.



“Original content”

Speed and agility

How to upgrade my website and blog?

It’s still day 1.

Failure and invention are inseparable twins.

Swing for the fences even if you might strike out!

Don’t stick to your knitting

Invention Machine **

Day 2 is stasis. Avoid stasis !!

Avoid irrelevance , and slow and painful decline and death

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