Everybody seeks their own supremacy and their own elevation.

1. Optimize your health

The first thought is this: optimize your health. You know your own health best. Without great health, there can be no greatness.

2. Seek great opportunities for your power output

The goal isn’t to just live in some sort of pampered luxury, and comfort where you don’t have to do anything. We like to do things. Therefore, the goal is to try to figure out virtuous avenues for you to output your power.

For example, one rep max powerlifting at the gym. Or, publishing things, sharing things, and sending things which you think might make an earthquake in the souls of others.

Sample, one of the ways I am able to do this is via condensing lots of interesting thoughts and powerful ideas, into a text-based email newsletter.

3. Advance

To become supreme, doesn’t mean to sit on your laurels. Even if you’re on top, or on top of the mountain, you must seek to go further.

This is why you should never ever compare yourself with others, because when you compare yourself with others, it stunts your potentiality for your upwards growth. This is where framing yourself in the context of others is so detrimental to your growth, because, by pegging your self to another person or number, it prevents you from imagining even greater things.

For example, with physical strength. When you look at other guys at the gym, and how much they can lift, this is a bad comparison. Why? Even if they are a lot stronger than you, maybe it is a good idea to strive to become even quantum leaps stronger than them. You do not want to use other guys as a benchmark for yourself.

For example, you see somebody that deadlifts 650 pounds at the gym. Maybe it’s more interesting of a goal for you to strive to deadlift 750 pounds, 850 pounds, 950 pounds and beyond?

4. There is no such thing as success or failure

The only things which exist is courage and strength. Your appetite for risk. No need for reward.