Why I Quit Reddit

I quit reddit around 2010, when I still worked as an IT consultant as my undergraduate job. Why?

First of all, it is not good for your brain.

Secondly, insanely addictive. If you mindlessly find yourself opening up Google Chrome tabs and typing “RE” on your keyboard, you’re still a slave to reddit.

Third, the communities are strange. They all seem to be a bunch of guys trying to humblebrag. Also, it seems that individuals who are actually very active on Reddit tend to be a mediocre folks.

Who owns reddit?

Advance. The same group which owns Condé Nast, wired, etc. note if you go to the advance.com official website, how minimal and sparse it is. Why? They want to low-key hide their influence and holdings.

Therefore you cannot trust Reddit anymore; it is owned by the same mega media Corporations, which Reddit users pretend to subvert. Note that Reddit is one of the top 20 visited websites on the Internet; does, Reddit users are not unique. They are all the same.

Those who own the media own our minds.

For example, the advance group acquired the Ironman group, which hosts the Iron Man triathlons etc. Therefore, for any major news publication, do you think anyone will criticize or critique the Iron Man competition?

How to become a free thinker

Via negativa. Quit reddit.