My experiences embracing a 100% carnivore diet:

First of all, digestion is fine. The notion of needing “fiber” in your diet seems to be overhyped.

Second, energy level is fine too. I intermittent fast, which means I never eat breakfast or lunch. Only one massive meat heavy dinner. And yes, intermittent fasting is easy and sustainable; I’ve been doing it for the last 5+ years, easy. I literally don’t even get hungry for breakfast for lunch anymore. Therefore to me to fast during the day is not “hard”.

Third, in terms of “gains”, The notion that you must consume carbs or sugar in order to augment your muscle mass is false. I have been able to put on mass just fine, with no carbs or sugar or protein powder the last five years.

Fourth, I’ve been able to deadlift over 500 pounds, easy, while fasted (not eating breakfast for lunch, and not eating anything before I lift).

But will you die of a heart attack?