How to Become More Manly


If you’re a man, it seems wise to strive to become more manly. But what does this mean?

To past philosophers, they called it becoming more “virtuous” (virtus meaning “man”.) But funny enough, nowadays it seems that the trend is to strive towards manliness is not really a desired goal. We are trying to teach men that masculinity is “toxic“, and that instead of striving to become more manly, or masculine, we should strive to become more “compassionate“, empathetic, “inclusive“, etc.

Ultimately it comes to a philosophical code of ethics. What is philosophy? The closest answer that Nietzsche came up with is the philosopher as a legislator, or a law maker of the future. In more practical terms, I see a philosopher as somebody who tells others what they “should“ do. Also what they “should not“ to do.

The tricky thing is that nobody wants to be told what to do, at least upfront. It does seem to take more energy to think for yourself.

The teacher as philosopher-educator

What is the teacher anyways? Partly an educator of basic concepts, but teachers are also philosophers, who shape the minds of children. It seems that in today’s modern society, because a lot of the parents are always working, the teachers end up having the moral responsibility of teaching kids ethics, and a code of conduct.

For example, I was born in 1988. As a kid growing up, I was taught notions of diversity, equality, open mindedness, critical thinking, the value of being unique, and different. For the most part, I actually really liked this. I’m quite happy the way I turned out. But certainly as one becomes an adult, one should start to question the codes of ethics one was raised with, and to decide to start thinking for oneself. And to start living for oneself.

Why don’t I really know any women interested in philosophy?

Cindy is probably the first woman I have ever met in my life, who was actually interested in philosophy and the meaning of life. However the big word philosophy is not thrown around. It is more about adventuring, questioning the status quo, and dreaming big.

In actuality, in today’s world, nobody really talks about philosophy. It is not something that one questions.

So two things: first of all, maybe it is a sociological thing: society does not care for women to question the status quo and society, they would prefer women to be the child readers, give birth to children, do domestic chores, etc.

But also on the other hand, society doesn’t really want men to be philosophers either. Philosophers are pretty much disobedient, unproductive folks, who refuse to be told what to do. If you think about past philosophers like Diogenes, they were kind of annoying nomadic homeless people, who would say pithy things, and just be a little bit annoying to everybody.

Also, it does seem that in order to become philosophical, or truly philosophical, there are a lot of things that one cannot have in life: a standard 9-to-5 job, dependence on money, etc. For myself, I was only able to start really thinking philosophically once I left America, and started to live abroad in Vietnam, where I realized: I will never run out of money.

If anything, a philosopher is actually the highest rank in society. A philosopher doesn’t actually need to base their opinion on first principles, they could simply state what they believe in, without having to call anybody else. It seems that the bias in today’s society is that he who is richest has the highest rank. Modern society in America valorizes really really rich people, really really rich business people, and really really rich entrepreneurs. Nobody cares for an entrepreneur who is not a billionaire.

Eat more beef liver and beef heart

Something I discovered: what is it that predators, and carnivores first eat when they kill their prey? Typically the organ meats. The liver, then the heart.

When I was in Charlottesville I discovered this really great place called “STOK”. They stocked this fresh organic beef liver, and it was probably one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life. I just pan fried it on a hot temperature on the skillet, and topped it with Dijon mustard and hot sauce, and what I discovered: beef liver has one of the highest concentrations of cholesterol, which is a natural steroid. My theory is this: the more cholesterol one eats, the more they boost their testosterone. And what is the difference between man and women? A man has testes, while a woman does not. Testosterone means the “sterol” in one’s testes.

So from a purely hormonal perspective, the more testosterone the man has, the better. The more testosterone the man has, the more manly he is.

The tricky thing though is that we do not want strange supplements being added to our bodies. I do not consider it manly for a man to take steroids, human growth hormones, or even to unnaturally inject themselves with testosterone, or other strange growth hormones, no matter how much they say it is “natural“. The same thing comes with these strange oral supplements. No supplements at all.

Even it seems that the most “harmless” supplement is protein powder. But even with protein powder, they stuff it with all of the strange external vitamins and things which nobody has any idea what it is. I say, just see how strong and manly you can become, purely eating meat, drinking black coffee without any sugar or white stuff added, and meat.

Manliness towards what ends?

The question is: what is the point of becoming more manly? Some thoughts:

First of all, it is to become a protector, avenger, or defender of yourself, your family, and that what you believe in. On a basic level, to protect your wife or spouse, your kids, your family, your friends, your local community, your nation, or whatever else you believe in. I find it very interesting that ultimately, all of the weapons industries in America name themselves as being suppliers of “defense”. Just like Tony Stark said in the first Iron Man movie: offense is the best defense. or think about it: America calls it the department of defense, not the department of offense.

From a philosophical stoic model, first do no harm to your wife or spouse, and no harm to your kids, and your inner circle. To refrain from pettiness is the first supreme task of a man.

Secondly, it is to resist what society tells what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, what you should say, and what you shouldn’t say.

What is it that Diogenes said is the supreme good in life? Freedom of thought, and freedom of speech. To be able to say what one believes in or thinks, without fear of being told that one is being “politically incorrect“, or “unwoke”.

For example what I noticed in modern society is this: it is no longer permitted for a man to strive to become more “manly”. Man is not encouraged nor permitted to consume more meat, become louder, more audacious, etc. Perhaps this is why everyone is so interested or obsessed with Kanye West: how reckless and audacious he is and what he says, and even though people hate him, they actually secretly are fanatical about him. And obsessed with him.

Physical courage

One of the things I really like about South Korea, and Singapore is that men are required to enter military service for at least two or three years. It is a very interesting thing, because no matter what your rank is in society, you’re putting the same footing. For example, my friends in Singapore told me how even there really really really really rich friends end up becoming like common foot soldiers, when they enter the Singaporean military service. Same thing in South Korea: one learns to live in basic “simulated poverty“ for a little bit, and at least do basic military duties. One is stripped of leisure and luxury and comfort, at least for two or three years. I think it is good because it is probably something that binds men together.

The interesting thing is in America, we are all about our freedom to have guns, etc. Yet there seems to be a strange asymmetry; if our nation allows people to own guns, shouldn’t we also require for people to enter the military service, or at least do some basic ROTC training in high school?

Anyways, because America does not force mandatory military service on their citizens, it seems maybe a better strategy is more practical: test your physical courage. To me it seems the best way to do this is through powerlifting: to attempt one rep max deadlifts, squats, etc.

Why? I trust no philosopher for who doesn’t deadlift. Why? One could talk all they want about metaphysics, etc., but if one has not truly tested the limits of their physical strength, one does not have deep courage. There is a difference of courage in terms of physical attempts and physical strength, and courage for one’s mind.

Also, I trust no philosopher who is either vegetarian or vegan. Why? I actually do not think it is healthy for philosophers to become to obsessed about ethics. Especially ethics around animal eating, “animal rights “, etc.

For example, let us just think about the animal kingdom. Who do you consider more “manly“— The carnivorous male lion, or the herbivore male cow?

Also, whenever you watch a Marvel superhero film, when you take a look at Superman, Thor, and these other manly male superheroes, what do they physically look like? Of course, very tall, handsome, and full of physical muscles. There is no marvel superhero that looks like Bill Gates.

Other thoughts

I also consider it very unmanly for a man to become “hangry”. A man should learn how to deal with hunger, through self training: intermittent fasting by not eating breakfast or lunch, and when breaking one’s fast, to eat a shitload of meat in the evenings.

And also, what helps one’s physiology? Spending more time outdoors, in the direct sun, with your shirt off, getting a nice tan. I think a lot of people would benefit by just spending more time outdoors, and getting more melanin from the sun.

Ignoring the opinions of others

I like the notion of being open minded. But also, at a certain point, it is a good idea to be close minded. For example, I’m very close minded about racism, and I think this is a good thing.

But this is the bias of modern society:

Think different! No… not like that!!

Or how Barbara Kruger said it—

“How dare you not be me!!”

On a very basic perspective, whenever people tell me stuff, I smile, nod my head, and take their thoughts and opinions for consideration. But ultimately, I am the filter, and it is within my power to decide whether I want to integrate that idea into my life or not. I think this is the problem: when people get angry for not “listening“ to you, what they are actually angry about is for you not to obey them. Once again, there’s a difference between listening to somebody and obeying them.

When you listen to somebody, you lend an open ear to what they have to say, and consider it. But, you are not behelden to obey them.

Much of modern day consumerism is all about man trying to become more masculine

Why is it that all these guys want a Lamborghini? Because, in modern society, a Lamborghini is still considered the apex masculine vehicle. It is the most audacious, loud, aggressive, and ego driven car there is. Even though the Tesla model S Plaid is certainly the superior and better car, honestly, if I could only own one car for myself, not considering my family, etc., it would still probably be an all black matte black Lamborghini Aventador with scissor doors. Because, there is no stronger flex than having scissor doors, or what they call “Lambo doors, that swing “Up like this”! We want the drama, and theatrical nature.

For example, if you search YouTube for my Tabu Shabu meat eating challenge, people like a show. My favorite part is once I finish the challenge, taking off my shirt, standing on top of the chair and swinging around. Theater drama and going a little bit berserk is considered more manly, than being quiet, passive and meek, with AirPods on, staring at your phone.

Spend more time with your shirt off

It seems that the trend is that women wear with less and less clothing. Even when going to the gym, it seems that the standard attire is for women to wear sports bras, and short short booty shorts, which essentially show nothing. I think one of the benefits of being man is that you are legally permitted to walk around outdoors in public without your shirt on.


Also another thought: I like that bodybuilders enter competitions with speedo‘s. Why? It should be a greater flex for a man to have insanely muscular legs, and thighs, and lower body than upper body. I actually think that it looks hilarious when you see a super buff guy with chicken legs. This is why a lot of guys like to wear long shorts, or jeans, with a tank top on. Actually, it would probably be more masculine for men to go to the gym with very very short short shorts, instead of striving to wear the most revealing top. My thought on the ideal gym attire: very very short shorts, and perhaps a T-shirt on top, or even a long sleeve on top. Go reverse: reveal more of your legs, but cover up more of your upper body.

I really like gay male fashion

I haven’t really seen any male fashion in a long time that I liked. But actually ironically the most fun thing I discovered was this store called ”Ruff”— which is essentially a gay male lifestyle brand. The clothing is very revealing, fun, flamboyant, and interesting. Also, maybe really really masculine men wear Lululemon. I have yet seen somebody who is super super buff, who could deadlift over 500 pounds wear Lululemon. As a fun idea:

Perhaps in order to become more masculine, one should strive to become more feminine.

Isn’t it funny that in modern society, gay men are permitted to be loud and flamboyant, whereas straight men are not allowed to?

It is up to you

Ultimately, you craft your own table of values. You craft your own ideal for yourself. I say this: just strive to become your ideal, and just share your thoughts and findings with others.

The goal isn’t for you to convince others to become you, but rather, in striving to become yourself, while being transparent about your process.


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