seneca eye contact Ricoh gr iiix


At first, I was a bit reticent about the Ricoh GR IIIX, but after shooting with it a few days, I have discovered … it is actually insanely good.

How so and why?

The last few days I said that the Ricoh GR IIIx wasn’t as good as the Ricoh GR III, but I think I’ve changed my opinion. If you don’t own any Ricoh cameras, perhaps best to jump straight into the GR IIIx, because of the insanely great image quality, the insane amount of sharpness, and how it has become refined. The photos literally ‘pop’ out at me insanely hard.

  • seneca eye contact Ricoh gr iiix

I am not certain how, but the photos look so much more beautiful. The photos are super black, the sharpness is next level, and how the photos render are very beautiful. At least 10000x more beautiful than the iPhone Pro.

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