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When Small is Clutch

Something I’ve experienced at least 2-5 times in recent memory:

When going to the mall, going somewhere, and the parking lot is full … there is only 1 open spot (miraculously), but the parking spot is insanely small, because one person in a big SUV/truck parked into a ‘compact’ spot next to it.

Then in this scenario … fortunately the Ford Fusion (Cindy’s mom’s car) … a proper ‘mid-size’ sedan can *barely* fit in. It can fit in *barely* — having to fold in the side mirrors, and me barely being able to exit the car.

Then I thought — assuming you live in SoCal, or anywhere in which parking spots are essential … then having a small car is 1000x more clutch in the most unlikely scenarios. This is why even if you were a quadrillionaire, having the smallest car possible to fit into small parking spots is so important.

Also another note, there is often a priority for ‘EV’ charging spots. Thus, having some sort of either small electric car, or small plug-in hybrid car is good to get parking spots (either a Tesla Model 3 or a Toyota Prius Prime).

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