Our design ethos and goal– to refine. Refine our bodies (subtract and chisel away body fat), with design … to simplify, streamline, make thinner, and make the design more direct.

With fonts… more refined.

With design and clothing, more refined. Fewer flourishes and superfluous design elements; as insanely simple as possible.

With cameras, to refine it. For example I find the RICOH GR IIIx interesting because while it is not ‘better’, it is certainly more refined. Refined how so? Essentially it is the same as the GR III, except the lens is more refined (superior optics).

With car design, the reason the Porsche 911 is so interesting is that over all the years and decades, the goal is to continually refine it into something more perfect and simple. Also the Tesla Model 3 — while it may the most ‘boring’ design, it is certainly the most simple and refined.

With devices, the goal should be to refine it. With Steve Jobs, the goal was to continually *refine* the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air laptops. Now the trend seems to be the opposite — make the devices bigger, bulkier, more powerful, but less refined. Therefore the best laptop is the most *refined* one … the most slim, the most powerful one. MacBook Air maxed out. For phone, the most refined one … perhaps the iPhone Mini (the most powerful processor in the smallest size).