How much coffee should you drink?

After over a decade of being addicted to coffee, some quick thoughts:

First of all, how much coffee should one drink? I say as much as you can tolerate, as long as it is before 12 o’clock noon. Absolutely in every condition, no coffee after 12 o’clock noon. Even if you’re tired, just take a nap. And even if you’re tired and something needs attending to, figure a way how to attend to it safely, while still taking a nap.

Second, is life better with or without coffee? I can firmly say yes, it is better with coffee. Yet, coffee is only bad when you drink it when you’re tired. Ironically enough, it seems that the best time to drink coffee is when you actually feel good.

When should you abstain from coffee, or at least detox from coffee? For me, I do my detox at randomly. I do not set a schedule. When my body does not feel well, I detox it for at least 24 hours. And during that detox, I make it a personal rule not to try to be productive at all, and the simple focus of my day is just to recover. And once again, do not forget: absolutely under no conditions, no coffee or caffeine intake or stimulants after 12 o’clock noon. This includes green tea, and cacao powder.