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Review of Ready Player Two

I just finished the book ready player two. Some quick thoughts:

  1. First of all, I found the imagination of Ernest cline to be great, extending the metaphor of virtual reality, by being able to completely use one’s mind with the.ONI files.
  2. To me, reading the book was good because it was very philosophical in nature. Being able to meander deeper into matrix analogies to real life.
  3. I found my personal favorite part of the book was the beginning half, with the world building. To be able to imagine and dream of what life would look like if you were a multi billionaire, and if you were in fact, the sole God like ruler of a digital universe. Very interesting to think, what happens when the underdog becomes the top dog? Or to quote the book itself, to think like two face and Batman: what do you do when you live long enough when you see the hero turned into the villain?
  4. The book also stimulated some of my own personal thinking, thinking about the philosophy of existence, the philosophy of experience, and the philosophy of the self.
  5. The parts of the book that I personally found very boring were the quests in order to achieve the seven shards. Honestly, if you skipped all of those parts, and only read the first half the book and the conclusion, I think you would be solid.
  6. New questions that the book has inspired me to think about: what is the purpose of embodied reality? What is the future of virtual reality? Also, what would you do in life if you had unlimited resources, money, power and influence?

Despite some of my boredom of the book, I still think it is a two thumbs up from me. If you’re interested in the virtual reality philosophy the things, or digital things, my highly recommend a read.

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