What Does America Want?

What does America want? My theory: America wants to attract the best talent from all around the globe.

Contrary to popular belief, America doesn’t necessarily want to keep out immigrants. Rather, America wants the most talented immigrants from all around the world to come to America to augment her greatness. Therefore, when it comes immigration, America just wants to be selective. America doesn’t want to let in all immigrants, just the select few immigrants which will improve the nation.

For example when it comes to Silicon Valley, some of the most talented programmers are from India, South Korea, mainland China, etc. Silicon Valley companies work hard to let in these type of immigrants, and grant them either green cards or temporary citizenship, in order to continue to augment the grandeur and power of the Silicon Valley companies.

For example, let us consider Virgil Abloh, whose parents were immigrants from Ghana. Or even technically Steve Jobs father who was from Syria.

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