Future Clothes

A thought on my mind: what are the clothes of the future, and future clothing?

More minimal

I like the idea that the clothes the future are even more minimal. For example, I’ve just been experimenting wearing legging tights as pants, and it seems to be the most efficient and effective minimum viable pants. Much better than jeans because it allows for more flexibility and movement.

For a long time I wore merino wool leggings as pants but the downside of merino wool is that it loses its elasticity, and it is not very durable. Therefore I have found more recently, I prefer the compression and the tightness in the elasticity of more synthetic polyester legging tights. Similar to the Lululemon style tights, leggings, or the under armor or the Nike compression tights.

My theory on why wearing compressing clothing or tight fitting clothing is good is that when you feel the compression, it motivates you to move.


Why is it always in cyberpunk futuristic movies, it is always raining? Maybe because of concerns of environmental degradation, or perhaps in a medically it is just more romantic looking.

Regardless, goretex is great. It is great to wear even when it is not raining, because it is so breathable. Therefore if we want to embrace the notion of futuristic clothing, an oversized Gore-Tex jacket seems wise.


I personally prefer the notion of minimalistic shoes. The least amount of cushion, foam, the better. Zero offset.

However assuming that you live in a cold region, or if it’s raining a lot, waterproof Gore-Tex shoes or waterproof Gore-Tex boots seems wise.

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