Thin Slicing

Something I learned from psychology and sociology is the notion of thin slicing. Basically the notion of thin slicing is that when you meet somebody, you could get a pretty accurate sense of who they are even the first five minutes. Certainly you will not get a hundred percent depiction of who they are, but in my personal experience, you can get 80% accurate judgment of somebody’s personality based on the first five minutes.

The same thing goes with movies and books, if you’re bored in the first five minutes, most likely you will be bored until the very end. Or in other words, if you’re watching a movie or a film and you’re bored, just turn it off, or leave the theater.

Therefore the practical strategy is if something bores you in the first five minutes, don’t complete it. Life is infinity too short to be bored of boring books, or boring films. And even worse, boring people.

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