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The Psychology of Photography

Inherent in every photography, and every photographer is a certain psychology. For example, it is very easy to smell optimism or pessimism in a photographer, or their photographs.

For example, when I look at the photos of a Araki or Daido, I don’t really see hope or optimism, I only see confusion, despair, and suffering.

Why are there so few optimistic photographers out there?

My theory is that because in today’s world, there is a cult of suffering. That means, if you do not suffer as an artist, and you do not suffer in making your artwork, your artwork is not worthy or of value. We always think about the artist as somebody with a tormented soul.

Why is this the case? It does seem that we have some sort of morbid curiosity in those who suffer. That means, we are more interested in those suffering, then those with robust and great health.

What do you want your photos to reflect about yourself?

For myself I want my photos to reflect joy, hope, beauty and optimism.

Also, my photos show my personal interests. For myself it shows my personal philosophy, bodybuilding, working out, food and meat, travel, street photography and Street life, people, baby Seneca and Cindy.

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