Don’t do movements which cause you pain. Your body is wise. For me that includes dips and one-legged pistol squats.

For example, the reason I don’t take painkillers is because I try to figure out what caused my pain, and remind myself– don’t do that in then future!

I also wonder–

If we avoided that which caused bad pain … this was a wiser way to live than do what makes you ‘feel good’.

If you have back pain from sitting all day, perhaps this means this is your time to start doing a standing desk. Or at least get up and move. Pain can be a motivator for movement rather than thinking (because I am in pain, I should *not* move) whereas in fact, sometimes —

I am in pain, which means I *should* move!

Also a thought regarding people. If you have bad feelings or vibes from people, or if you get some sort of ‘social pain’ from certain individuals, perhaps also best to avoid them. Individuals can also be toxic.