Mexico City is a perfect city

Specifically, the Roma Norte neighborhood.

What do you do once you’ve discovered perfect?

Truth be told, besides Saigon or Hanoi, Mexico City is probably the perfect city. Tons of great parks, great restaurants, and diverse neighborhoods. The city really does feel like a new Paris.

Not only that, but the city is brimming with life. Public spaces are very well utilized, and you always see families out and about. Life is also lived on the streets, which is something we street photographers love.

Very easy to find inspiration to photograph

This city is very photographicable. Not only lots of people to photograph in the streets, but great architecture, graffiti, and street art.

Very easy for Americans to live here

Relatively affordable to live in a nice Airbnb, or find a nice apartment to rent. also, if you’re being paid in US dollars, your dollar goes at least five times as far here. There is no fancy restaurant you cannot afford.

Also, the street food here is amazing. Street tacos, especially this what are all stand on Colima Street in Roma Norte is the best.

Cool people

Very cool people, especially people in Roma Norte and Condesa. Pretty much all the people in the hipster neighborhoods speak English. If not, you can always practice your Spanish.

Onto the next one?

I think this is the big take away for me: now that I have discovered that Mexico City is a perfect city, I no longer feel like I need to be here. Onto the next one.


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