What’s Mexico City like on the ground right now?

Super nice. Great weather, just T-shirt weather all day. Good wind, super friendly folks, restaurants are great. Feels like pre-pandemic, all nice places require temperature check upon entering, and they also make you sanitize your hands before entering.

On the street, mask compliance is quite high. I would say about 70% of people in the streets wear facemasks. Funny enough, there seems to be more Covid and sanitation precautions here Mexico City, then even back in the states.

Where to go, where to stay.

  1. Roma Norte is still my favorite neighborhood. You could just walk the streets all day, visit nice coffee shops, nice cafés, nice restaurants and bars, nice boutique shops, and have a nice chat with the local folks.
  2. In Roman Norte, nice parks, also a good amount of bougie families walking around with strollers, and lots of bougie millennials with their dogs.
  3. The best street vibe café is Rosetta. Lots of new outdoor seating, and French bakery vibes.
  4. Meroma is still my favorite restaurant in Mexico City. Upstairs art deco Japanese inspired design, indoor outdoor vibe, and the best great upscale food at the best value.
  5. Casa Basalta just got built, which is a super interesting art space gallery concept old colonial building, and upscale lead bougie vibes. Luxury furniture, luxury streetwear store for women, and great art gallery.
  6. Alma Negra as my favorite coffee shop. Super small and minimalist, but with good vibes.
  7. Mexico City still as my favorite city outside of Saigon in Hanoi.