It seems that a modern desire we have is to ‘optimize’ things, that is to make things better, more efficient, etc.

But the question:

Once you have achieved the summit of optimal, … then is the goal to strive towards *MORE OPTIMAL* for the sake of it?

Perhaps this is so. Once again, 100 years ago we never thought we would need automobiles. And after automobiles, we never thought we needed electric cars.

But what is our optimal goal?

From a basic one, it is towards simplicity and lightness. Therefore, optimizing your devices isn’t optimizing for more powerful and capable devices, but lighter ones. For example with packing and traveling, anything you could shed even half an ounce is a good thing.

For example, the next iPhone you get, don’t buy an iPhone pro buy an iPhone mini instead. And for your next laptop, don’t get a MacBook Pro, get a MacBook Air instead.

Also with shoes and clothes, only optimize for lightness. For example, I found the Uber lightweight shoe to be these “L run” shark shoes water shoes on Amazon, which don’t require socks either. Until I could find something more minimalist than that, it isn’t worth it.

Also with clothing, with cold weather, the lightest is best. For example, I really like montbell for the uber lightweight jacket, as well as the Uniqlo ultralight down jackets.

For pants, merino wool leggings seem supreme.